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On Friday night, a year-old student named Elliot Rodger killed six people in Santa Barbara and then himself. Like many modern mass murderers, Rodger left a robust digital trail, including a YouTube video in which he describes his plan to seek retribution from the women who have rejected him. Rodger calls himself a "supreme gentleman" who's been overlooked by women who prefer "obnoxious brutes. Rodger's language is familiar to anyone who's spent time exploring the Pick-Up Artist or Men's Rights Activist communities. Rodger felt he was entitled to sex based on positive personality traits known only to him. You think I'm unworthy of it.

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On all these sites, too, was an incendiary mix of people who were deadly serious and those who were trolling — egging the serious people on, for kicks.

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It is a definition Elliot Rodger used for himself. Just look at my profile pic.

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Love-shy has 3, members. The forum Dtugg frequented was part of a wider community of semi-social circles overlapping on websites and message boards — online cliques with their own vernaculars and labyrinthine hierarchies.

US crime. But you have a site that cultivates these type of thoughts, and men who have this type of rage. The Santa Barbara gunman who killed six people and himself found a platform for his hate on internet communities around the web.

The angry world of failed pick-up artists

It's made clear that dissenting opinions aren't welcome, especially ones that go against the dominant narrative. The Guardian talked to users who knew him Elliot Rodger named as Isla Vista killings suspect Opinion: further proof that misogyny kills.

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Beneath some of these forums and subreddits was PUAhate. Dtugg had tangled with Rodger several times on the boards of bodybuilding. Founded to satirise and discredit pick-up artists, it became a place where sexually frustrated men could go to vent and share pseudo-scientific theories about women. It has 53, subscribers.

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A couple called him a hero. This article is more than 7 years old. Forever Alone has 33, subscribers.

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Fri 30 May But to Dtugg, something felt wrong. They hang out on the Seduction subredditsubscribers and places like pick-up-artist-forum.

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More serious Incels congregate on the innocuously named love-shy. Many of these circles revolved around the social-news site Reddit.

'puahate' and 'foreveralone': inside elliot rodger's online life

That was how he found out that Elliot Rodger had, the night before, killed six people and himself in Isla Vista, California. The name refers to the cult film The Matrix, in which the main character is asked to choose between taking a red pill and waking up to the truth and taking a blue pill that will leave him ignorant.

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In the spring ofElliot Rodger found it. Reuse this content. Nicky Woolf in New York. Another user, who goes by the name Hypnoreality, was more succinct.

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