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Picking up girls in the Kalamazoo

This celebration promotes equality in sports and inspires girls and women to play, be active, and recognize their full power. Our sports community in Kalamazoo is made up of organizations that believe in the future of girls and women in sport. In order of most combative, unapologetic, and thrilling sports, roller derby is tough to beat… Lucky enough for us, Kalamazoo is home to both the Derby Darlins adult team and the Killer Beez junior team.

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Dogs and bicycles are also not allowed.

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For more Northside coverage, please follow these links. They met in churches and at stores, until inRoland quit her city job and launch Kalamazoo Junior Girls Organization as a nonprofit venture. The girls like finding new things. It was a daring move, but one she was called to do, and for which she had the support of her husband, Elder William Roland.

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At the edge of the park, several youths stand together with black garbage bags at their feet. Sponsored By. Newsletter up Give us your and we will give you our weekly online magazine. We go on the trail.

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Contact Subscribe. It was a learning experience for them, too. Roland stops to speak to her. Flourishing vegetables grow in each brightly colored raised bed, which is constructed of cheerfully painted cinder blocks. But over the years, the park, located so close to the bus and train station, as well as downtown, has become a sanctuary for the homeless. They keep me young. Program participants ride to various activities in the organizations white van. Give us your and we will give you our weekly online magazine. Kalamaoo Junior Girls created the collage seen in the memorial for Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Donate Travier. Roland spent the next several years trying to recover. They entertain me a lot.

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articles by Theresa Coty O'Neil. After five healthy months, however, Michelle became ill over three days and died. Over four months, Second Wave journalists will be in the Northside Neighborhood to explore topics of importance to residents, business owners, and other members of the community.

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Through health, self development, social, life skills, arts, travel and volunteering, the Junior Girls Organization has been helping to mentor and support girls and young woman on the Northside and around the city for over 32 years.

As the girls fly through the garden checking the latest developments in each bed, they ooh and aaah at their discoveries, particularly the dozens of eggplants in many sizes.

18 ways for girls & women to participate in sports in kalamazoo

Memorial Park Dontae Travier. We weep a little bit because we love each other. Source: Rapid Growth. Photo by Dontae Travier.

Kalamazoo junior girls organization is 32, thanks to miss pam roland

Miss Pam is taking On the Ground on tour. The loss was devastating.

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At 17, she finished training as an administrative assistant through Parsons Business School and was offered a job with the city where she became even more familiar with some of the dire statistics related to teenage pregnancies, delinquency, and substance abuse, particularly for girls of color. Have a Tip? The plants draw pollinators and provide a wild and colorful backdrop to the well-maintained vegetable beds.

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Her mother, Marvella Vincent, was an original Junior Girl at 11, when Roland first started the group. A main focus of the programming is that the girls take ownership of the activities, says Roland. While the age range is 8 to 18, most of those participating are in middle school, around the age Roland was, at 14, when an early and unexpected pregnancy, and then infant death, impacted her life. Source: Model D. Source: Soapbox. At the entrance, a large honoring Dr. Martin Luther King includes a collage made by Junior Girls in from pictures of King and his family cut from Ebony and Jet magazines.

Junior Girl camp participants learn gardening Dontae Travier. Married and with her own daughter now, when she looked out the window of her own Lola Street house, she was troubled by the young girls who were hanging out aimlessly. In the years since, the Kalamazoo Junior Girls Organization has developed into a backbone of youth support in the city, one that has now served three generations of girls. Planting seeds, both actual and metaphorical, are part of the role, whether maintaining the garden beds at the Junior Girls Building, here, or at the Martin Luther King Memorial Park.

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Passing the torch For everyone and everything, there comes a time to move on, and for Roland, that time is in Februarywhen she plans to retire. Kalamazoo Junior Girls learn about gardening and many other aspects of becoming self-reliant. Dontae Travier. Photo by Dontae Travier On this day, a woman is sprawled out on one of the benches. The young women in Kalamazoo Junior Girls learn service through activities such as maintaining the flowers at Dr. Memorial Park. Before long, Roland says, 60 girls were coming regularly.

These are the first garden tomatoes of the season. Paterson Street. Source: High Ground. There's also a kitchen, gathering area for the older girls, reception area, workout and health area, large gathering area the Vliestra Room named after the building owners who were also benefactorsa craft area, and the David and Betty Levene Lending Library.

In the garden at Paterson and Princeton Dontae Travier. With a soft voice and sparkly eyes that are slightly hidden behind ringlets of hair, Pam Roland, founder and executive director of the Kalamazoo Junior Girls, greets each girl who walks in the door by name. A The Icon: They call him Mr. Across Our Network. Roland is delighted to see the many baby eggplants, though she is bemused about the scraggly corn. As part of a national movement called Sisters Together girls, Move More, Eat Better, the garden has also become a place where picking girls learn to eat well.

Memorial Kalamazoo The girls pile back into the van and it takes off, soon pulling into a parking place in front of Martin Luther King Jr. When the park was rededicated inshortly after Junior Girls officially launched, Roland decided that the organization would become the custodial caretakers of the park when the opportunity arose. We went to Twisters, the ice cream place, last week. Junior Girls works with various youth group partners, such as Justice Against Bullying and the Northside Association for Community Development Young Entrepreneurs, to care for the seven flower beds in the park.

From the beginning, Roland has instilled in her girls the idea of paying it forward. At the back of the garden, thistle, false sunflower, and other perennials, thrive in a native planting, sponsored and donated by the Wild Ones.

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