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The defense will show the only reason for an investigation which included wiretapping was to stop a scheme by three trusted employees of the Hunt companies who were attempting to bankrupt HLH Products and Hunt Oil. McCown summoned the private detectives who installed the wiretaps to the witness stand. The ish brothers admitted they ordered the phone taps, but said they were unaware—and their private detectives never told them—wiretapping employees was illegal.

Their credibility was called into question, as the detectives had already been convicted for their part in the wiretapping scheme. Bunker and Herbert Hunt were sons of legendary Texas oil billionaire H. The wiretaps, part of an internal investigation of embezzlement within HLH, were inadvertently discovered by local police, and the evidence was turned over to federal authorities.

The lawyers were a study in contrast. The obstruction case was postponed for a later trial.

Staff Writer Lubbock Avalanche-Journal. The scandal generated a tremendous amount of publicity in Dallas, so the wiretap case was transferred to Judge Halbert O. Judge Woodward was known as a fair and impartial jurist with a congenial judicial temperament. Some 45 years earlier, the same Hunt family gathered in Lubbock for an entirely different event: a tense, high-profile criminal trial that jeopardized the freedom of two of the richest men in the world.

In order to convict, the government must show an evil intent to wiretap. If convicted, the Hunts faced a maximum penalty of ten years in federal prison. He can be reached at jack. Each member of the nine-man, three-woman jury was identified by name, hometown and occupation by the A-J, but the panel was not sequestered.

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Facebook Twitter. But none of the Hunt executives whose phones were tapped were called as witnesses.

The Hunts wanted the public to know the charges were a vendetta against the family because of their refusal to go along with the CIA in supplying information on Egyptian terrorist groups and oil dealings. As the jury stood to swear their oaths before Judge Woodward, a standing-room-only crowd filled the gallery, eagerly anticipating opening statements.

A Dallas grand jury indicted the Hunt brothers for obstruction of justice and interception of electronic communications, both serious federal crimes. Nevertheless, Hirschkop displayed a dry sense of humor and was very effective in the courtroom.