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Gaijin dating in Tallahassee

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Injuries were also cited. It was Gross' th career pinch hit. Louis 38 New York Fernandej at Montreal Smithp. Minnesota Smithson at Milwaukee Johnsonp.

William Wagner examined Matuszek Monday and said the surgery will be to remove an abnormally large bone on the inner side of Matuszek's ankle. SB-McLemore 2 17Schofleld 2 8. Gigi Fernandez, Puerto Rico, Anne Minter, Australia, Chris Evert 2Boca Raton, Fla. Lisa Bonder, Saline, Mich. WP-Lazorko, Russell. But he is not hitting balls out of the park as he did in his first few games. The press unearthed stories about weight problems and drinking, vices that Japanese players are honor-bound to avoid, and in general do.

E Guillen 2. Horner From 1C around Japan by 58, bicyle-peddling saleswomen. But a question also arises - do the pitchers resent him as a foreigner? The feat comes easier here than in the United States; Japanese fields are a bit smaller.

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Our No. Who holds the maior league record? Some people said the Giants pitchers would have done the same for a Japanese, to save face for their master.

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Dinky Van Rertsburg, South Africa, Larissa Savchenko 13Soviet Union, def. Fairfield, N. Bettina Bunge 6West Germany, def. Oakland Stewart at Kansas City Saberhagenp. But they all became part of the lore with his barrage of home runs. Oiane Baiestrat, Australia, def. But it leaves some baseball nationalists here fuming doesn't all this brawn undermine fine points of team spirit and cooperation on which the Japan's "unique" version of the game is meant to be based?

Beth Herr, Dayton, Ohio, Second Round Catarlna Lindqvist 8Sweden, def. Natalia Zvereva, Soviet Union, Robin White 12San Jose, Calif. Thursday's games Philadelphia al Chicago, 44 5 P. New York at Montreal, S p. SF Brantlev.

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Texas outfielder Pete Incavigila snapped a string of six straight strikeouts with homers In his first two at-bats Monday against California. Pam Casale. By chance, in their last game of the season, the Tigers were up against Oh's Giants, with Oh looking on as team manager.

You know what the Golden Sombrero is don't you?

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Akiko Kiiimuta, Japan, Elizabeth Minter, Australia, def. Sara Gomer, Britain, Wendy White, Atlanta, def. He did not hit his 10th until early June. Japanese fans generally adore the batting power of imported gaijin foreign players. He won in the 19th inning in the longest relief effort In the majors.

In a game against the Philadelphia Phillies last July, he hit four home runs. But if I hit 15 home runs and we win the championship, that's more important. He blames the pitchers. Pittsburgh Reuschel al St. Louis Forschp. Louis, 47; Maldonado, San Francisco, Dave Stewart opposes the Royals' Bret Saberhagen Minnesota's Bert Blvleven snapped a streak of having allowed homers in 20 consecutive games when he shutout Milwaukee Monday.

Horner, who now has 10 homers and is batting.

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Los Angeles at Houston, p. Hughes was traded to Philadelphia bv the Yankees last week for Mike Easier. Alycia Moullon, Palo Alto, Calif.

RADIO p. Laura Gar-rone, Italy, Elizabeth Smylle 14Australia, def. He is 29, a former National League rookie of the year who in nine seasons with the Braves batted. Through Monday's games. National Leaders Based en at Bats. Bass was walked each of his four times at bat. From he had strikeouts.

E Mohorcic, Joyner. In the June 2 game, for instance, he struck out each of his other three at-bats. The Yankees won the game Today's Birthdays: Dave Conception Stumper Solution: Sparky Lyle holds the maior-league record with saves in 11 straight games. Boston at Cleveland, P-m.

Milwaukee al Toronto, p. Anne Hobbs, Britain, def. I'm going to learn to have a lot of patience at the plate.

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Ring of the season. The Red Sox beat the Yankees Guldry had struck out 15 in the first six Innings. A prime case came inwhen Randy Bass of the Hanshin Tigers was one short of tying Sadaharu Oh's single-season record of 55 home runs.

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Kathy Jordan, King of Prussia, Pa. Helena Sukova 3Czechoslovakia, def. Cincinnati at Atlanta, p. Things can come to a head when foreigners threaten to break records.

He became a free agent Nov. But Horner said it was baseball, not money, that brought him across the Pacific. Chicago Long at Seattle Bank-headp.

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Kansas City at California, p. If s the hat trick plus one. Boston Clemens at Cleveland Candiottip. Pittsburgh at St. Louis, p.