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Date in Knoxville Tennessee

Located along the scenic banks of the calm Tennessee River, Knoxville is a beautiful city in the U. Regarded as the perfect getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this beautiful destination presents endless opportunities for remarkable outdoor adventures.

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As one of the largest cities in the Appalachian region, Knoxville is home to entertainment options for all ages. While dinner at a chain restaurant and a visit to the Regal Cinema movie theater qualifies as a fine date night experience, this city has much more to offer. Sometimes, opting for a local restaurant or visiting a museum will be enough to expand your horizons and experience something new. From beautiful parks to local breweries and art galleries, Knoxville is full of places waiting to explored. Read our top ten date spots and start planning your next great night or day out.

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Have fun, exercise, get outside, and let the sparks fly on an outdoorsy outing for two! Though you are not likely to find this place all to yourself, there is plenty of space and lots of sturdy trees up here to hang your nylon love nest.

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The boulders on top are perfect for sitting side by side and checking out the vista. Written by Jesse Weber for RootsRated.

5 easy outdoor dates in knoxville

All of these places provide stunning scenery and private coves for you and your sweetheart to soak in. If you prefer a bit more action during your romantic day on the water, try a tubing adventure in the mountains!

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It's the perfect spot to watch the fireworks go off after a Tennessee touchdown, and it's even fun even in the wintertime, when the lack of leaves makes for a better view, and the cold is just another reason to get a little closer.

And what better way to do so than a fun date in the great outdoors? Knoxville is home to a wide array of open spaces and worthwhile destinations that have easy access and are perfect for any type of outdoor date.

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The hike to the top is a bit steep in places, but of moderate difficulty overall, and less than one mile each way. You have the option of taking your romantic cruise along the river, as far as Morningside Parkor in the opposite direction, you can meander through the woods and suburbs west of campus as far as Bearden Beer Market in West Knoxville to make your hour a little more happy.

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Why not ditch the typical date idea, and show whomever you're interested in that you're a creative, spontaneous, and active person — that you think outside the box? Take a leisurely float in your very own boat! Riffles and rapids of the river offer a safe level of splashy fun, and eddies, trees, and caves along the bank make for interesting pit stops.

Chaco Made Possible by. If you already have a vessel, or if you rent from the UT Outdoor Program and transport it yourself, other options for secluded waterways include the Knoxville waterfrontHolston River Parkor the Cove.

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As fall approaches, the water temperatures change and so do the leaves. This is the perfect time to fall in love with or at House Mountain.

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Keep in mind that you have to rent from the River Sports outpost that is onsite to be allowed on the water. A Little Tubing on the Little River — 45 Minutes from Downtown - vastateparkstaff If you prefer a bit more action during your romantic day on the water, try a tubing adventure in the mountains!

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Movie, dinner, concert, bar… you've done all that before. As the tallest point in Knox County, the mountain yields a breathtaking vista of Knoxville from its West Overlook. A few short gravel paths lead from the parking lot to this special spot.

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Bring some picnic supplies because you won't want to leave the view. The Bluff is accessible from an empty lot beside The Woodlands, off Cherokee Trail, across from the water tower. The Little River drops right out of the pristine valleys of the Great Smoky Mountains National Parkso its crisp emerald waters are most inviting on a sunny summer day.

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Here are some simple ideas that are inexpensive, close to downtown, aren't physically or technically demanding, and don't require any high-tech gear — meaning that they're approachable for even the most reluctant hater of bugs and poison ivy. Romantic Hike with a View — 30 Minutes from Downtown - Brian Stansberry As fall approaches, the water temperatures change and so do the leaves.

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