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Chinese dating Manor

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Behind the three buildings, aligned head to head along the village road, an alternation of arcades and courtyards constitutes the external communication system.

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Starring: Trace Architecture Office. Related Articles: Trace Architecture Office. This is the landscape that appears in view as we climb up from the level of the village, contrasting with the natural setting of the valley to the south.

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One level higher up, at the courtyard level, is the area where the coffee is processed, with long steel girders and monodirectional brick vaults permitting open continuous spaces to be obtained for use in the roasting and packaging processes. Section: Hotel. Picking up on the association with monastic architecture, the curtain of buildings with its arcades and vaults provides the backdrop for three connected courtyards: the central courtyard, the tree courtyard and the sunken courtyard, which is on the same level as the coffee storage area.

Large windows at regular intervals offer views over the hills and the valley, as the environmental components of the process of preparation of coffee and as the scenic backdrop through which visitors stroll.

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On the top level, the transition to concrete and glass also represents a conceptual turning point: the windows become larger, so that the interior and exterior interpenetrate and volumes are lightened, creating the ideal location for the hotel rooms. Il nostro sito web utilizza i cookie per assicurarti la migliore esperienza di navigazione. Unlike the widespread tradition of Chinese construction in which wood is the principal building material, the area has historically used brick as its basic construction material, due to the presence of a brick kiln which is still in operation producing grey bricks close to the site in question.

The Xinzhai Coffee Manor is a complex of three buildings: the old cinema, renovated and converted into an auditorium and exhibition hall, the main building, containing an area for storing and processing coffee and the hotel, and a central volume containing a tasting room.

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Floornature is an international de and architecture portal with a focus on contemporary architecture, exclusive interviews with great masters of international architecture and the most interesting new developments in the world of architecture. Xinzhai Coffee Manor is a brick complex in which the arches and vaults characteristic of western architecture are built using local construction techniques.

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Hua Li deed ceilings with cross vaults recalling the crypts of churches and monasteries, while using bare brick recalling wine cellars. Related Articles: Hotel. The main building has three levels, with the coffee warehouse in its basement.

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I accept the terms and conditions of privacy. Related Articles: Chen Hao. Related Articles: Su Shengliang. Other photos The rhythm of its long arcades, the most immediately recognisable feature of the project, and the choice of brick as the building material establish a bond with the land and its history while citing a construction process characteristic of the opposite side of the world.

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Stay in touch with the protagonists of architecture, Subscribe to the Floornature Newsletter. These large underground spaces made of brick are perfect for storing coffee under constant temperature and humidity conditions. The component of perspective, reiterated on multiple levels and in multiple directions, accentuates the sense of structural solidity and symbolises a tradition that is still very recent here, coffee, the future of the region. Photographer: Su ShengliangChen Hao .

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